Places in Neil Island

The settlers named the beaches after the mythical characters of the epic Ramayana like Bharatpur, Laxmanpur, Sitapur Ramnagar etc. The beaches are popular for their hammocks under shady trees. As you enter from the boat in Neil Island Jetty and walk towards Neil Kendra, the beaches appear before you in the form of a long arc. On the left side of the jetty are Bharatpur Beach and the right side the Laxmanpur Beach.

Bharatpur Beach

Half a kilometer from the jetty, Bharatpur is one of the best beaches known for swimming & coral watching with vast sandy 6stretch. This beach is ideally recommended for youngsters because of activity options. One can avail from here glass bottom boats for coral viewing. Other activities here include Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and other water sport activities. The Sea around the Jetty area is full of corals with schools of fishes swimming around. The vegetation along the beach is simply soothing.


Laxmanpur Beach

A scheduled beach, Lakshmanpur, lies 2 km north of Neil jetty. The beach is a broad spur of white shell sand with shallow water offering good snorkeling. Sun basking & swimming are other options. One can view spectacular sun set from this beach.

Sitapur Beach

This beach is exposed to the open sea and thus prone to higher tides. It is 5 km south and at the tip of the island. This beach is best suited to watch Sunrise in the backdrop of natural vegetations & limestone formations. The journey from the Jetty to Sitapur beach itself is refreshing with green fields and variety of crops.

Natural Rock Formation

This rocky beach about two kilometers from the jetty with lots of coral formation, ornamental fishes, sea urchins, sea anemones, sea cucumbers, star fishes etc. are best suited for people with some kind of scientific temper. The rocky surface gets slippery and needs to be on guard. The main attraction here is the natural rock formation which is also referred to as "HOWRAH BRIDGE" by the locals.